FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Photos

2022 Season Updates

Let the 2022 Competitions Begin

Week 3 – The Week Between Competitions!!!

The team took everything we have learned so far from practices, competitions, etc., and now we are tweaking designs, making the robot & programming more robust. This upcoming weekend we find out how we do in competition!

  • Team fixed a bug that was causing the “drive-straight” command to crash.
  • So we now have a 2-ball autonomous mode extension of the current autonomous program, however we just need to be speed up!
  • We should have the “pickup-a-2nd-ball-AND-turn-AND-shoot” that finishes 2 balls faster than 7 seconds, so we can take that and see of we can get a 3rd ball!
Always refine your design by testing & developing. Learn from our our short comings & improving upon them! Refined parts for the Climber!

Week 2 – First Competition for Laker Robotics

Learned a lot from the Week 0 Practice at Kettering University. Took all those lessons & applied them to the robot. Specific attention was placed on a method to hang the robot & our programming.

Here are a few videos of the robot before the event as the team works on programming:

Here are pictures from the Week 2 Event at Kettering University.

We had a great Week 2 event. The robot performed well and the team did great being selected for the 5th place alliance and going on to beat the 4th place alliance! We were close to beating the first place alliance in the second match but fell a few points short!!! More importantly, we now have MORE data & plans to improve our robot for Week 5 of competitions. BUT we cannot let off because other robots are also getting better!!!

Week 0 – Pencils Down, Builds Stop

Practice for Laker Robotics

Team showed up at Kettering University to make a few runs, see what broke/what worked, see some other teams in action, network, and attempt to improve our robot before our first competition at Week 2.

While at Week 0, STATE CHAMPS! RoboZone had an opportunity to interview our very own Bernie! Nice work Bernie!!

Week 6

Lots of CNC routing this past week as we took models from our CAD & transferred some of the pieces to start building up the chassis. Plus CNC routing of our polycarbonate for the sides of the chassis.

Week 5

Continued testing our robot shooter, fine tuning our programming, plus relying on our CAD to improve the design of our intake.

Week 4

Continued testing of our prototype, looking for dead zones in the intake for the red / blue balls.

Week 3

One of the fun things began this week….testing! Built the shooter & had to find a place to test…so we conducted our testing in stairwell!!

Week 2

Week 1

Week 0


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